Hide Gallery is on Leathermarket Street, a few minutes walk from the busy restaurants, shops and White Cube Gallery on Bermondsey Street, only 10 minutes’ walk from London Bridge Station. Opening in September 2013, we staged 7 exhibitions and hosted numerous events ranging from meditation workshops to theatrical performances.

As of April 1, 2014, the larger lower floor of our two exhibition spaces has been let, for the foreseeable future,  to a design agency. The upper floor, with natural light streaming in through the large factory windows, is still available to hire for smaller exhibitions, meetings, and workshops. There is a private room overlooking the rear gardens with a large flat screen monitor, perfect for presentations.

Hide Gallery is taking on a more nomadic guise, and will continue to exhibit artists’ work in temporary spaces, art fairs and ultimately through an online shop.

We had a server issue, resulting in a loss of incoming messages between August and October. If you tried to contact us and were disappointed not to hear back from us, please accept our apologies.